• Worship

    Worship Planning - Meets periodically to develop seasonal themes, design liturgies for worship and prayer services, and make creative decisions for theological expression.

    Worship Servers - Sign up to serve on a rotating basis for specific roles in worship: usher, greeter, assisting minister, communion assistant, reader.

    Contact the church office to learn more!

  • Music

    Crown Choir - The choir sings 2-3 Sundays a month, from September-May.  Rehearsals are Thursdays from 7-8 pm.

    Instrumentalists - Musicians accompany choir anthems and congregational singing, as their schedules permit.  Solos and ensembles frequently feature in worship.

    Vocalists - Opportunities for soloists to give expression to praise, as well as for cantors to lead congregational singing.

    Contact the church office to learn more!

  • faith formation

    Faith formation is a lifelong journey that we travel together. During Sunday morning Faith5, all ages gather before worship to:

    • Share the highs and lows of life
    • Read a Bible passage
    • Talk about the Bible text and our lives
    • Pray for each other
    • Bless one another

    Contact the Director of Cross+Generational Ministry to learn more!

  • Altar Guild

    Serving on the Altar Guild is a month-long commitment to prepare the communion table and set up and clean up the communion elements.

    Contact the church office to learn more!

  • Fellowship & Refreshments

    There is a one-week commitment to host fellowship time following worship (make coffee or pour lemonade, provide a light snack, and clean up).  We keep it simple, focusing on building relationships with each other, the way that Christ builds relationships with us during Holy Communion.  

    Click here to sign up for fellowship hosting!