No, really...  what's a "Kingo"?

Thomas H. Kingo (1634-1703) is our namesake. A Danish Lutheran Pastor who became Bishop of Fyn in 1677, Kingo was a prolific hymn writer. Known as Denmark's "Poet of Eastertide," he wrote more than 100 hymns.

Is this church part of a denomination? 

Kingo is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The ELCA is a church that believes strongly that God is calling us into the world. You can hear more about the many expressions of the love of Christ through the people, congregations and global partners of the church on the ELCA Three Sides podcast.

What is the space like where you meet?

Founded by Danish immigrants, the sanctuary features Danish modern architecture. The structural lines are simple and clean, while also evoking images of the shipping roots of our founders. It's a traditional worship space - rows of pews, long center aisle, raised altar at the front. Handcrafted banners and altar paraments infuse the space with color and dimension, reflecting the creativity of the many artists who are a part of our community.

What is the current demographic in the community?

People of all ages, religious backgrounds and family sizes have found their home at Kingo. From folks who've been in the area their whole lives to those who've moved here for work or study, Kingo is a community for everyone.

Are there children at Kingo?

Yes! Kingo is a place where we worship God together, immersed in the liturgy, and experience the love of community. Children participate in worship and we welcome their clapping, interjections, and even dancing in the aisles. The Pray Ground at the front of our worship space offers kid-friendly seating and age-appropriate worship materials and activities. A Parent/Child Room is also available at the back of the church. This video illustrates how the Pray Ground lets children and parents know that we have a place for you and you belong here. 

Children love to learn about God, just not always on Sunday mornings. With Play & Pray videos parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles and their little loves can enjoy Bible stories together anytime, anywhere. 

Who is your pastor at Kingo?

Pastor Carolyn Sellers Rizzo loves Jesus! She shares the Good News of the gospel with passion and humor, using messages that connect our stories to God's story. With previous experience as a professional musician, she's a pastor who promotes music and arts within the congregation. In collaboration with our equally dedicated staff and leaders, she presents a warm and welcoming invitation to serve one another and the community.

What are your Sunday services like?

Worship services are currently taking place online. View recordings of online worship here.

COMMUNION - Communion is central to our worship and is celebrated every Sunday. All parts of the service - from scripture readings and psalms to the sermon, prayers, and music - lead us to the Lord's table.

BAPTISM - Our faith is rooted in the sacrament of baptism. We stay connected to the promises made in baptism by celebrating baptism anniversaries in worship.

LEARNING TOGETHER - Pastor Carolyn loves to teach through her sermons. Each week she also invites all ages to the front of the church for Cross+Talk, a short weekly lesson about the symbols, traditions, and stories of the Church.  You can listen to recent sermons here.

MUSIC - Kingo's namesake was a 17th century Danish bishop who was a prolific hymn writer. Sunday services reflect that love of music. We lift our praise in song through a variety of instruments, talented musicians, and a choir of voices from every generation.

Can you be more specific about communion?

At Kingo, communion is open to EVERYONE. Whether communion is received kneeling at the rail or standing facing the altar, using the common cup or individual glasses, Christ is present and comes to us. Traditional bread and wine are served, with gluten-free wafers and grape juice options also available.

Why do we need a Kingo Lutheran Church?

At Kingo we believe that the story of Jesus Christ is the very center of what it means to be a person, and we think we're called to follow Jesus in the way that we live, work, play, and give to others. And we know that we are better together! We are a family that eats together, worships Jesus together, laughs together, and serves our community together because we've discovered that it's simply better that way. We hope that you'll visit us sometime and make the same discovery. 

Where can I learn more about Kingo?

Find out more about Kingo in our welcoming and mission statements.