RE-ENTRY TRansition guide

Re-Entering the Kingo Building in a Time of Pandemic

The Coronavirus has challenged congregations world-wide to be church without meeting in-person for worship and other events. The Kingo community quickly met this challenge by providing worship via videos and Zoom. These cannot replace in-person worship, but worship never has been about what we do but what God does

A care-filled response to this pandemic is not to simply open our doors and resume worship, fellowship, and other events as normal. Nor is it prudent for Kingo tenants to resume work as normal. Steps must be taken in order to protect our community. The Kingo Re-Entry Transition Task Force was put together to create a guide for re-entering the building. Because of the nature of COVID-19, changes may happen frequently.

A Theology of loving our neighbors

Jesus taught that the greatest commandment is to love God and neighbor (Matthew 22:35-40), which often means making sacrifices for the good of our neighbor. Love motivates our decisions, especially when our community faces potential sickness or death from COVID-19. Even though we all hope to reconnect in-person, we must take precautions to ensure the wellbeing of every person who uses the Kingo building.

Moving Forward

The Re-Entry Transition Task Force has carefully considered protocols and best-practices issued by the CDC and other public health professionals. While parts of Wisconsin open more quickly, faith denominational leaders are heeding the CDC’s caution of resuming worship in person  (and other gatherings) too quickly. 

Basis of caution:

  • The virus is spread through fine aerosols (speaking, singing, loud talking)

  • The virus is spread through close contact (handshakes, hugs, face-to-face conversation)

  • The virus is spread in spaces with poor ventilation (sanctuaries, meeting rooms)

When we consider these factors, we conclude that gathering in Kingo’s building for worship, meetings, and other events is the perfect COVID-19 storm. We sing, commune, talk, eat, shake hands, hug, and sit in close proximity to each other. In other words, in-person gatherings are a breeding ground for the virus. Therefore the Re-Entry Transition Task Force and Kingo Council, along with many other congregations, strongly caution against resuming in-person worship and other gatherings too quickly. When we begin to re-enter the building for worship and other events, many precautions must be taken. Worship, meetings, fellowship events, and tenants’ work will not resume “as normal” until public health professionals deem it is safe. This guide lays out a phased re-entry plan.

What we know
COVID-19 is extremely contagious and potentially dangerous to all people but poses higher risk for people over 65 or for people with underlying health conditions. Consult your doctor to learn more about such conditions. 

When we consider the average age of the Kingo worshiping community, we begin to realize why caution must be taken when re-entering the building. Kingo’s tenants will also need to consider the ages they serve. It is Kingo’s primary concern that every person remains safe and healthy.

The Task Force gave serious consideration to the following questions

  • What are the best ways Kingo and tenants can keep physical distancing and disinfection protocols?

  • How can we enforce those protocols while also showing genuine hospitality and welcome?

  • How do we support our tenants in their work so that they remain safe?

  • How will we find the leaders for all we now need to do?

  • How will we meet the increased need for financial and human resources as we incorporate physical distancing and disinfection?

These general guidelines apply at every phase:

  • Stay at home if you are sick (achy, cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose etc)

  • Self-quarantine for 2 weeks if you think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

  • Self-quarantine for 2 weeks upon return if you recently traveled to places with high cases of COVID-19

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, especially after touching frequently used items or surfaces.

  • Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces.

  • Use a face mask while in public and in the Kingo building. 

    • Children under 2, those with breathing problems, and those who are unable to remove a mask on their own should not wear face coverings.

Benchmarks for Resuming Gatherings

Beginning Criteria

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

A clear downward trajectory in the number of reported, confirmed cases, and/or percentage of positive tests for COVID-19 for 2 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS*

A clear downward trajectory in the number of reported confirmed cases, and/or percentage of positive tests for COVID-19 for TWO MORE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS*

A clear downward trajectory in the number of reported confirmed cases, and/or percentage of positive tests for COVID-19 for TWO MORE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS*

An ongoing downward

trajectory in the number of reported symptoms, confirmed cases, and/or positive tests for COVID-19.*

Each benchmark must be satisfied before moving to the next level. 

Increases in reported cases mean a return to the previous level. 

When in doubt, the Re-Entry Transition Task Force recommends erring on the side of caution. 

*Numbers are based on Milwaukee County COVID-19 Dashboard

Recommended Maximum Size for Gatherings

Beginning Phase

Outdoor: Kingo and tenants up to 25  people.

Indoor: No one permitted in the building (except for occasional check in from Treasurer, Counter, Maintenance Tech, staff)

Worship: NO worship in-person

+Masks required

+Physical distance 6 ft.

Phase 1

Outdoor: Kingo and tenants up to 25  people.

Indoor: Kingo and tenants up to 10 people in the building.

Worship: NO worship in-person

+Masks required

+Physical distance 6 ft.

Phase 2

Outdoor: Kingo and tenants up to 35 people.

Indoor: Up to 25% capacity as specified per room/space. 

Worship: up to 25% occupancy permitted in sanctuary (approximately 25 people)

+Masks required

+Physical distance 6 ft.

Phase 3

Outdoor: Unlimited

Indoor: Kingo and tenants up to 50% capacity per room/space.

Worship: 50% capacity with physical distancing required

Masks required in worship

+Masks required for worship

+Physical distance encouraged

Caution for people over 65 or vulnerable people with serious underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems.

Caution for people over 65 or vulnerable people with serious underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems.

Caution for people over 65 or vulnerable people with serious underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems.

Caution: vulnerable individuals can resume public interactions, but should practice physical distancing, wear face masks, and minimize exposure to social settings where distancing may not be practical.

Other factors to consider: length of interactions (the shorter the better); size of room; indoor versus outdoor activities (outdoor is generally less risky); air circulation (open air is generally less risky).

Protocols for All Groups Using the Kingo Building

The Re-Entry Transition Task Force determined the following requirements for all people and groups using the Kingo building to help mitigate the spread of this virus. The Task Force will inform groups when a new phase is reached or if it is necessary to move back to a previous phase. If a person or group does not adhere to this guideline, they will not be allowed in the building until they comply.

  • Group leaders read and sign off on this guide, and attend a meeting with a Re-Entry Transition Task Force member before re-entering the building.

  • Task Force determines the phase for entry and will share that with the church and tenants

  • Groups adhere to the guidelines per the indicated phase

  • Groups will maintain records of attendance for every gathering including names, phone numbers, emails.

    • Retain record for at least 3 weeks (for contact tracing)

  • Room capacities cannot exceed the posted maximum number per phase

    • Rooms are set up according to maximum capacities. 

    • Do not add more chairs, tables, etc.

    • Groups must use their assigned room only.

  • No food or cooking on Kingo grounds or property

    • No making coffee or tea.

    • Drinking fountains remain turned off.

    • Water bottles allowed.

  • Every group fills out the “room usage” sheet posted on the door of each room

  • After using a room, groups disinfect the room used, bathrooms, or other spaces used

    • Each group provides their own cleaning disinfectant (<70% alcohol) and paper towels

    • Clean all surfaces: tables, chairs, counters, lightswitches, bathroom faucets, door handles, entrance/exit door handles

    • Each group uses the “clean” or “not clean” door hangers

  • Groups provide their own hand sanitizers

  • Kingo will provide hand sanitizing stations at entrances of the building

Positive COVID-19 Infection

  • Should someone learn they have been exposed to COVID-19, we request that they refrain from entering the Kingo building for 14 days after exposure.

  • Should someone test positive for COVID-19 we request they do not enter the building until cleared by their health professional.

  • Should someone with COVID-19 enter the Kingo building and expose others, all people must leave the building immediately and contact Kingo staff 414-964-2620.

    • Immediate closure of the building goes into effect for two weeks and is professionally disinfected.

    • All exposed people self quarantine for two weeks.

Thank you for your help in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. We trust that all individuals and groups that use the Kingo building will follow these guidelines. Should you have questions you may contact the Kingo office at 414-964-2620. Thanks to Kingo members Rick Cole, Alexa Doebele, Kathy Jeans Glaser, Karina Ward, and Pastor Sellers Rizzo for putting this guide together.